Lia Berman is a Chicago-based stand-up comic with the Laugh Factory and Zanies under her bodysuit. She is  Boston Broad and is a true '90s girl having watched the last episode sophomore year of college while crying her eyes out that an interfaith marriage was possible.  


You can catch Lia hosting a weekly open mic every Monday at the Logan Theatre in Logan Square after one of her vigorous yoga sessions where she's most likely stretching out to the tunes of DMB.


Favorite Character:

Brenda Walsh

Lia Berman

Beverly Hills, 9021-Whoa! Contributor

Role: Flexible Bitch

Marla Depew misses the '90s. When she wasn't writing angsty poetry, shaving her head, and pairing her Doc Martens with her grandmother's dresses, she was secretly watching Beverly Hills, 90210. These days, the comedic performer and writer co-produces the all-women's comedy collective Just Dickin' Around, pens Bachelor feminist fan fiction on her blog, Will You Accept This Prose, and daydreams about when SoapNet existed and aired back-to-back episodes of Beverly Hills, 90210 every afternoon.


Favorite character:

It's a tie:

Emily Valentine and Brenda Walsh

Marla Depew

Beverly Hills, 9021-Whoa! Contributor

Role: Feisty Bitch*

*Prefers the term "cunt"

LeeAnn Yops (long O in that Yo) is a writer, stand-up comedian and storyteller. She is a Second City and Feminine Comique graduate who created the monthly show, Appetite for Rock n' Roll Storytelling.

Back in the '90s, when she wasn't performing round-offs and donkey kicks to Madonna's "Vogue," she was busy worrying whether Brenda had breast cancer. She is single looking for her real-life Dylan. Someone find her, her Dylan.


 You can find other musings of hers at:


Favorite Character:

Emily Valentine

LeeAnn Yops

Beverly Hills, 9021-Whoa! Creator

Role: Shiniest Hair Bitch


Sarah Irving is a trained medical professional. At ComedySportz she specialized in birth control and physical education, whereas at Feminine Comique she majored in being a bitch. Despite being named "The New Heather," Sarah got fat by birthing three children. Because of her experience as a school nurse in the 90210 school district, she knew the best fathers were Dylan, Brandon, and Andrea.


Favorite Character:

Cindy Walsh

Sarah Irving

Beverly Hills, 9021-Whoa! Contributor

Role: Wombiest Bitch

Bio coming soon!



Julie Kent-Ransom

Beverly Hills, 9021-Whoa! Fashion Contributor

Role: Babeliest Bitch

Karrin is a Milwaukee native who literally grew up with the cast of Beverly Hills, 90210 because she's the same age as them in real life.


Favorite Character:

Emily Valentine


Karrin's been known to be a slightly psycho stalker with her exes. She appreciates E.V.'s level of obsession.



Karrin Farrenkopf

Beverly Hills, 9021-Whoa! Contributor

Role: Drunk Asshole Bitch