It's Electric (Youth). Boogie Woogie Woogie.

August 27, 2015

Season 1, Episode 14 contains yet another love interest for Brandon, sweet sweaters, lessons about being prejudice and an 80s pop star.


The episode opens up at Casa de Walsh (they actually say that in this episode so it's totally cool) where Jim just landed a hip new sportswear designer called Chick Schneider and is mysteriously allowing their maid's niece to use their address so she can go to West Bev. This is all discussed between Jim, Cindy, the maid and some dude named Richard.


 Over at West Bev, DJ of the wet "down there" willy stars, David Silver calls MC Hammer's office. Bummer, he can't get through. Donna mentions to Kelly in the hall that, "David Silver is out there!" Is there dry handy 'til marriage love in the air? We'll soon find out.


Over at the Blaze, Ol' Twatty Andrea Zuckerman is giving Brandon some B.S. editorial. It's there we meet his love interest of the episode, Karla Montez.

 Karla is the maid's niece. Brandon quickly introduces himself by tripping over his overly articulate words.


Brandon likes 'em smart and boy is this girl smart because she has all of the same classes as Ol' Brando. He says she should have no problem getting into a good college, especially with a scholarship. Karla is immediately offended thinking it's a race thing and he explains that most people need a scholarship unless they're independently wealthy. Karla apologizes for coming across that way.


Brandon and Karla hop into Mondale and head to the Peach Pit. On the way, they see a bunch of dudes hop out of a truck. Brandon asks what they're doing and Karla retorts, "it's hard labor for cheap pay. How do you think those pools and tennis courts in Beverly Hills get built?"


At the Pit, Brandon and Karla make eyes at each other and Steve tries to get the love train rolling and says she's totally into him. This makes Brandon's heart goes a-flutter. Karla sees two Hispanic workers looking at her and assumes that they were looking at her because she's also Hispanic. Brandon asks, "Are you this defensive with everyone?"


Later, Brenda tells Brandon that he's in love with everybody and gave Karla that "Come on, baby, light my fire" look. Brandon denies having a boner in Jordaches for everyone because he (of course) doesn't have one for Andrea. Brenda quips, "Andrea doesn't count, she's your Editor."


 Back at West Bev, Steve calls out to Scott calling him Sam and asks what Silver is up to with all of these calls to MC Hammer's office. Turns out that David is trying to get MC Hammer to play at their prom. Please Hammer, don't hurt 'em and make David's wish come true.


After school, Karla makes Brandon go to a funky hoedown at the Community Rec Center.

 Karla gets Brandon to go down the Soul Train line with her and everything. He must really like her because as mentioned in many recaps, Brandon really, really sucks at dancing.


Succeeding when they make each other sweat on the dance floor, they make each other sweat with passionate kisses. They can't believe it's only been a week since they've known each other.


 Brandon is falling hard for her, like so weak in his knees he can hardly speak hard for her.


At home, Brandon starts asking his parents more about Karla's sitch and why they won't tell him what's really going on. He wants to know who that random dude is that keeps on showing up places. Is this Richard guy the maid's cousin, Karla's uncle or something?  Inquiring minds want to know. Since Jim and Brandon are upset with each other, they talk with their hands a bunch.

 To welcome the fancy sportswear designer, Chick Schneider, there's a big bash at Casa de Walsh and Karla's working at it. Brandon doesn't approve because he wants Karla to be his date.


 Brenda doesn't care. She just wants to know if Brandon wants fluorescent green or orange and fuschia jams. You see, Chick Schneider is giving the kids and their friends a bunch of free clothes that are really ugly.


Brenda asks her dad for a camera because she and her friends were asked to model. Jim says, "you look, what's the hip word? Def? Dope? Rad? Foxy?"

The word is uncomfortable, Jim. Un-com-fort-a-ble.


Karla and Brandon fight about how she has to work and then she serves THE Chick Schneider some party dranks.

 Chick pervily says, "I'll slurp one of these, preferably with you in the dark" as Karla walks away.

 Steve doesn't think that Brandon will approve of creepy Chick's words. Dylan only approves of his own forehead and maybe his sideburns.


SAY, "Living better now, Coogi sweater now!"

 The gang (minus Brando) poses happily for the shitty catalog. Brandon huffs and puffs after the soiree asking Jim and Cindy why they're keeping a secret from him. His rents apologize for putting him through such a hard time.


Brandon sees Karla the next day and she explains that her dad, Victor Montez moved to East L.A. a week ago. When she moved, she witnessed a shooting that included the death of a 4 year old. She was the lead witness and had to keep a low profile. Richard is a cop and was protecting her. The murderer confessed and now Karla can go back to her old school. You see, Karla is not just a poor girl from the barrio looking for a white knight. Brandon is devestated he's losing yet another love interest, but there's always the next episode.


The episode ends at West Bev where Donna and Kelly accidentally ordered the same shitty clothes after Kelly specifically said that SHE was ordering 169B. 

 Donna doesn't care because she shares a lot in common with Steven Tyler and pink is her favorite color. 


Back at The Blaze, Brandon tells Andrea that he finds their relationship so comforting because they're only attracted to each other as friends. Andrea surfacely agrees and then she cries into her blazer that covers her bodysuit.

 This almost makes me feel sorry for Ol' Twatty. 


David tries MC Hammer's office one more time and the receptionist answers saying he has the wrong number.

Wait, is that Debbie muthafuckin' Gibson?


Sure is!


David realizes that he called Debbie by mistake and immediately tries calling her back to get her to perform at prom. Oh, David. This is why you're destined all of those dry handies.





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