Palm Springs Awakening

September 17, 2015

 Oh, hey, dreamy. Season 1, Episode 15 opens up with a hot and heavy make out sesh between Brenda and Dylan. Brenda apologizes that she's not ready to do it and Dylan (who is obviously not in his perfect doll form) says some rapey things like, "Don't be sorry, be friendly." Dylan suggests they get together over the weekend, but Brenda has plans to go to Palm Springs with Kelly and Donna. Exacerbated, Dylan replies, "Presidents' Day Weekend?!" Then he quickly suggests getting a room.


At the homefront, Brandon says that he can't go to Palm Springs because he needs to save up for a new car because Mondale is a piece of junk. Meanwhile, the rest of the gang plans their Palm Springs getaway. Plans fall through for Steve's initial plan and now he's stuck sucking up to David Silver so that they can all stay at his grandparent's house while they're away.

 David is so excited to be part of the gang that he eagerly says yes. 


 Here, Donna is planning her killer outfits for the weekend and says, "high school guys, college guys, grad school guys, drop out guys... you can't dress the same for all guys." At least this virgin is diverse in educational backgrounds when it comes to the opposite sex.


David approaches the gang and excitedly says, "is this going to be a blast or what?" Kelly's face drops and Steve says that there has been a change of plans. To Kelly, this weekend may have turned into Palm Sucks.


Over at the Peach Pit, Brandon befriends a real jerk of a kid with a shitty bowl cut named Curtis. Curtis is always ordering off of the menu and giving asshole Yelp! reviews in person so you can really put a face to the jerkhole name.

 He can hold a spoon on his nose pretty well, but that doesn't phase Brandon. He's more concerned that Curtis is always coming in alone. Curtis and Brandon shoot the shit and Brandon shows him his Guatemalan friendship bracelet. What will come of this sweet accessory.


On the way to Palm Springs, Steve tells David that he has to try to be cool. David says that he will have a "Johnny Depp-type attitude, kind of thing."

 David uses this Johnny Depp-ness attitude so well that he meets a pretty young thang named Tuesday - his favorite day of the week.

 Tuesday says that she'll bring some friends over to party at his grandparent's place.


Brenda tells the girls that this weekend is THE weekend to give Dylan all of her lovin'. Kelly mentions that Brenda is the last virgin on Earth and Donna tries to chime in and we start to discover that she's a virgin forever... and ever. I kind of love that Donna's virginity was a major plotline for a good 7 seasons, but this episode is not about her virginity, it's about Brenda's. To encourage Brenda to move forward with something she's obviously not ready for, but feels like she has to do, the girls hug it out.

 David gives Steve a tour of his grandparent's house saying how the hot tub is the best part.

 Uh oh, Spaghettios, David's grandparents aren't gone for the weekend. Buzzkill.


Brenda goes to a bunch of hotels looking for Dylan, but keeps going to the wrong ones because all of the hotels have Palm or Springs in the name and it's all too confusing for this young gal who may or may not be ready for s.e.x. Brenda runs into Tom, the Bell Hop who says she can sleep in the broom closet until she figures things out.

 Tom sure looks familiar. Oh, that's because it's the same actor who plays Stuart, Brenda's furture fiance. From Bell Hop to rich bitch. Go Tom/Stuart, get those reoccuring roles!


Back at the Pit, Andrea discusses life with Curtis and he asks if Brandon is her boyfriend.

 Flustered, Ol' Twatty says that he's only a friend. Then Curtis cuts a little bit more and asks why she also doesn't have a Guatemalan frienship bracelet if they're such good friends. Burn!


Dylan calls Brandon and tells him where he is. While hanging out at the hotel bar, he runs into a girl named Janie who it appears he had relations with.

 Brenda comes to the hotel and sees Janie in the crop top and is furious. She starts screaming at Dylan saying how this was supposed to be the weekend where they were going to do it. She leaves in a fury, but huffs and puffs and comes back in. Janie tries to explain that nothing happened and Brenda throws her purse out the door demanding that she leaves.


Dylan then tries to dig himself out of a hole and says that Janie was an old friend. Brenda isn't having it. She says, "Let's do it already. Stop talking and take off your clothes." Dylan shuts it down leaving Brenda incredibly hurt and embarrassed.

 Shannen Doherty did some really good work here making a mad/hurt/sad face eventually leading to my favorite work of hers in the made for TV movie, "Friends 'Til the End" where she shouts, "You're ruining my life!" Carry on.


It's Party Time USA over at David's grandparent's house. There are kids splishin' and splashin' everywhere. Tuesday, David's love interest shows up with some goth friends and Steve is not having it. You see, all of the other girls are just distractions, he really wants Kelly back.


This party is so hoppin' that Grandma and Grandpa Silver join in on the fun. Tequila!


 Steve tries to rekindle the flame with Kelly, but she just wants to wear her hair straight with a single braid half pony.

 David uses more of that Johnny Depp attitude and slathers Tuesday with some sunscreen. Stars and stripes forever.


David gets embarrassed that his grandparents are ruining all of his fun. The grandparents don't understand because everyone else seems to love them. They think that David is upset over the divorce and that it's David who is the one who doesn't like them.


Dylan and Brenda meet up with the gang and Brenda yells some more that it's not fair that she got turned down. Dylan says he didn't want to feel pressured. Oh, how the tables have turned Mr. Friendly.

 Tuesday was really turned on by all that sunscreen. So turned on she aggressively makes out with David in front of some parrots.

 She quickly stops because it turns out she has a boyfriend who is better looking and taller. She misses him and went after David because he resembled him. Bummer.


At the Pit, Brandon makes Curtis another meal and the kid pays in change. Brandon closes up shop and realizes that he forgot something. He comes back in and sees Curtis stealing money from the cash register. Curtis is homeless and people give him change for food. He saw the money in the drawer and thought it would be a quick fix. This kid isn't really a jerk, he just has to grow up too fast and live through hard times. Good thing Brandon is there to help him out.


Back in Palm Springs, the gang is playing Charades with David's grandparents. It's Dylan's turn and in a way to try to win Brenda back, his charade is a movie and his clue is to put his hand under his shirt to make his heart beat. David's grandma guesses "Pretty Woman." Dylan touches his nose and then points to Brenda. Swoon. They're good to go now because outside they play/fight/flirt all while talking about possibly having grandchildren together and how it's OK if they get hit on by other people, they just can't act on it.


David apologizes to his grandparents for being a brat and says that they should do this all again next weekend. The grandparents look at each other and mouth, "next weekend?!"


Steve tries one last time with Kelly, but she tells him she doesn't want to date him.


The episode ends with Brandon coming home from a long weekend of work and Jim and Cindy telling him they can help out with a new car. Seeing as he's not a homeless 7-year-old boy, Brandon appreciates his car, Mondale a bit more and says he's thankful for his life. Ah, life lessons learned by one homeless child at a time. The frickin' end.




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