FAME! I'm Going To Live 'Til I Die, I Guess.

September 25, 2015

We start Season 1, Episode 16 with some sweet rollerblading moves from Brandon in the park. He's working his stick game real well.

 Safety first! No one needs bum knees when you're 34 going on 17.


While showing off his fancy footwork, Brandon is approached about being an extra on a TV show. He's instructed that all he has to say is, "Hey, babe, looking good. Real good, babe." Brandon nails the lines and is given the green light (or as my mom would say, "go light").


 He gets his face put on by some hot little thing with a killer perm.

Back on set, we find out that this girl isn't a Makeup Artist, but the lead actress, Lydia Leeds on the hit show, "Keep It Together." The crew quickly notices the chemistry between Lydia and Brandon and say that he is as good looking as Sean and that the princess seems to like him. 


Brenda isn't as pleased with Brandon becoming a TV star. In fact, she's jealous. After all, she's the one with the talent in the family. She's so pissed, she calls Kelly up on the party line.

 Jim and Cindy worry that all of this TV hoopla will get in the way of Brandon's studies and his job at the Peach Pit. To cover his boo-hoo-tay, Brandon begs Brenda who has no experience at all to cover his shifts even though she would be dealing with the "Tightwads of America." You see, his TV gig may turn into a few more episodes because Sean Judson (the main love of Lydia Leeds on "Keep It Together") may be leaving the show due to a salary dispute.


In exchange of Brenda taking his shifts, Brandon gives up the top 2 drawers in the bathroom and his favorite green shirt (spoiler: it's washable AND silk!).


The next day at West Bev, Brandon is all of the rage on the quad. Random girls are stopping him in the halls and David Silver wants him on the horn on the radio to dish everything there is to know about Lydia Leeds. But will this new fame get in the way of this Twin Cities boy? No way, Jose. Brandon claims, "I know who I am, Brandon Walsh, a regular guy from Minnesota. Nothing will get in the way."


At lunch, Brenda starts bitching again about how life is so unfair because she's the one who used to be in all of the talent shows and that she's the one with the charisma. To rub salt in the wound, Scott Scanlon (remember he's still a character on here... for a bit) tells Brandon that his limo is waiting. Brenda is P to the dot O'd. That means pissed off.

 Brandon's all like, "A limo? For me?" His chariot awaits.

 Oh, look. It's the girl with the cool perm. She lays the moves on Brando pretty, pretty thick, telling him that she "doesn't make a habit of giving people rides to set."


On set, Brandon and Lydia swap saliva.

 Multiple times. Brandon doesn't understand why they have to keep doing the scene over and over if they tell him it's so good the first time.


Back at Casa de Walsh, Brenda brushes her hair 1,000 times on each side complaining that while Brandon gets to be on TV and go on hot dates, she has to change to get grubby at the Pit.

 Lydia comes over to pick up Brandon. Brenda tells Lydia that she's an actress too and that she was in Romeo & Juliet when she was 12. Lydia twattily responds, "when I was 12, I got my second TV Guide cover and my first Golden Globe."

 Over at the Pit, Brenda is a terrible, no-good waitress. She's slow and muckin' up orders left and right.


All this man wants is his soup.

 Soup, God damn it.


While Brenda is in Hell, Brandon is out necking his way all over the place at one of the hippest night clubs. Here, we run into Mackenzie (Melissa Rivers) and she refers to Brandon as Lydia's "flavor of the week." Ouch.

 Sean Judson shows up at the club and isn't happy to see Lydia with Brandon.

 There is a lot of salt and a lot of wounds in this episode. To piss Sean off, Lydia creepily kisses Brandon while staring at Sean. T-to the W-A-T. Twat.

 Back home, Brenda says how sucky the Pit is and Brandon brags about his night. Brenda tells Brandon that Lydia isn't all she's cracked up to be and being the pushover, I mean, man in shining armor, he angrily asks, "Do you believe everything you read in the tabloids?" Brenda responds, "No, but I also don't have stars in my eyes." Advantage Brenda.


Although her first night was horrible, Brenda decides to give the waitressing gig another try, but this time with a twist. She used her acting inspirations and created the character, Laverne (charmed, I'm sure). Whoa! And not even a Joey Lawrence "whoa!" here. Do you think that Aaron Spelling cast Shannen Doherty on Charmed because of Laverne's catchphrase "Charmed, I'm sure."? Yeah, this is the reason. Nothing else. Anyway, meet Laverne.

 Laverne is a sass who happens to be a lass with a tad amount of class. Brenda's new character gives her a confidence in serving that she never had in that one shift before. She's nicknaming food and bossing people around, just what will come?

 Kelly and her artificial flower denim vest seem to approve of Laverne. She's just too much.


At the "Keep It Together" set, Brandon is incredibly frustrated. Turns out that Sean is not out of the picture like he originally thought. Sean came to terms with the producers and because of this, Brandon's scenes are getting cut and they're changing his lines.

 Isn't this just supposed to be a paid make-out gig? Nope!

 Sean disrupts the make-out sesh by saying, "Hey, Cheese-meister, stay away from my girl!" Then he throws water in Brandon's face.

 Wah, wah. That take wasn't good enough.


More water!

 Now this is a button-down wet Oxford shirt contest I could get into.


Take after take and it's not good enough.

 Ol' "Wet Dawg" Brandon has had enough.


Take it off, Brando! Take it off! Whoop, whoop!


The Director is pissed because he can't even get 10 seconds of useable film.

 The shame. Cheese-meister.


Things are more fun over at the Pit. Nat is sippin' coffee and enjoying the show.

 This Laverne just might be his next big money ticket... to Ed Debevic's.


Laverne knows the moves that kill and this shit is crowd friendly.

 Go Kelly! Go Donna!

 Laverne gets crafty with a whisk.


Brandon shows up at the Pit after his miserable day on set and sees all of the people there. Ol' Twatty makes an appearance and says that there is a 10 minute wait. Brandon is concerned it's because of horrible service.

 Ol' Twatty says, "No, because it's that entertaining."


Brandon is so confused over the heavy foot traffic due to this new dinner and show concept. Here, my boyfriend explains that it's because of Laverne and then he says Laverne really funny and sweet and with 5 skin folds on his forehead.

 This Laverne character is such a hoot that everyone is there. Steve Sanders shows up, a member of DeBarge is there, everyone.

 Brenda/Laverne racked in the money and she didn't even have to take off her clothes. Supposedly, Brenda/Laverne's tips pulled were an all-time record. 

 Brenda says that she's going to stuff her mattress because she's saving up for something special.


Brandon goes back to the park to work on his stick ball and blade moves. He runs into Lydia who shows that she's just one of the guys, but a really cute, fashionable guy by wearing a baseball cap with a gigantic artificial flower. Lydia and Kelly must shop at the the same artificial flower store.

 Lydia apologizes to Brandon that it didn't work out with him becoming a huge TV star. Brandon scoffs and mentions that she used him to get back at Sean. Lydia tries to comfort him saying that he wasn't only a flavor of the week and that Brandon made her feel like she didn't have to act.


That acting door isn't quite shut for Brandon as test markets like his character and they're going to see if they can continue to bring him back.


The gang all meets up at Casa de Walsh to watch Brandon's big scene. Cindy is so elated, she makes her "O" face.

 The rest of the gang is unsure.

 And now, Brandon's shining moment.

 Woof. It's Sean, not Brandon. Poor, Brandon, his scene was cut.


The gang tries to reassure Brandon that it wasn't his fault and it's just the biz.

 Brenda brings it back to reality saying that it's embarrassing, mind blowing and humiliating.


Kelly says it's not that bad and walks off in fringe.

 Brandon feels defeated. He's no longer and an actor and now he doesn't even have a job because Brenda brings in more sales.


Don't fret, Brenda doesn't want his job anyway. She saved up her money from two shifts for acting lessons because Laverne just won't leave her alone. Remember, she's the star here. The Walsh twins smile and the credits roll.



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