When You're Sliding Into Home and Your Pants Are Full of Foam

December 4, 2015

Season 1, Episode 20 opens with Brenda jogging merrily.

 She finds a dog that just won't leave her alone. She tells the dog to beat it, scram, hit the streets, what have you, but the dog just stares at her. Where did this dog come from and who does it belong to? Guess we'll have to wait and see because this is officially plotline 1.


Cut to Brandon, Steve and Jim (Brandon's dad) milling around a baseball field. Brandon and Steve meet Jim's business partner, Dave Franklin, El Presidente of West Bev Baseball where they discuss coaching the team.

 Under Steve's midriff, he wonders if Jim is any good at baseball. After some slapstick of Jim trying to hit a ball, he throws out his back.

 Poor Jimbo. He's laid up and can't coach so Brandon and Steve have to take over. Welcome to plotline number 2.

 Cindy forces Jim to rest saying this is what you get for playing without stretching. Then she goes on to bitch about how he's such a pain when he's laid up.

 The kids snarkily say, "Poor daddy" as Cindy tucks him in.


Brandon and Steve agree to manage the team, but shit's corrupt for this little league. This is Dave Franklin, Jim's business partner. He wears his sunglasses during daylight, but you best not switch the blade on this guy in shades (oh no).

You see, he's a big wig who drops off shiny, new equpiment and his wife feeds the kids dim sum to really get in that great American pastime feeling. Dave wants this team to win at any cost. If your kid sucks like this fat orange kid, he's not right for the team. Simple as that.

 Brandon doesn't agree with this. He thinks that baseball should be about working together and not just to please rich parents who have more athletic children than the fat orange kid. Steve doesn't feel the same way. Steve knows how to play the rich kid game and thinks that they should bench the fat orange kid because he doesn't want a "booger picker playing 2nd base." Steve also wants to keep eating free dim sum at a baseball field.


Back to Brenda, she kisses Dylan goodbye as he drops her off after school. She hears some ruckus by the trash. What could this be?

 Oh, it's just that trash dog. He found his way back to her. Brenda doesn't know what to do.

 Then the trash dog gives her these big ol' trash dog eyes and she just can't deny him so she offers to feed the dog bologna and hide him in the garage. They become best friends.

 At the dinner table, Brandon is going on and on about how Beverly Hills baseball just isn't the same. There are dim sum buffets instead of Twinkies and hoighty toighty parents who buy their kids playing time.

 Throughout dinner there is a lot of yelping and weird noises coming from outside. Jim says it sounds like a dog. Brenda confesses that it is a dog and that it now lives in their garage. 


Jim doesn't want a dog because he'll be the one who ends up taking care of it. Brenda doesn't have the best track record with pets. He lists off multiple dogs including Bruno and Mr. Pepper, even accusing Brenda of leaving Mr. Pepper outside to die.

 Brenda says it's all unfair and that she was 9 years old and didn't know about windchill factors.

 Cindy breaks up the argument meeting them both half way saying that Jim needs to get some rest and that Brenda will keep the dog til she finds a proper home.

 Cindy's feisty in this episode. I like it. 


Brenda agrees to the terms and says that they are all just going to love Wally and that they won't even know that he's around.


The next day, Brandon goes to the Peach Pit to see if he can rearrange his schedule with his new coaching responsibilities. 

 Turns out that Nat also coaches a baseball team. It's a team full of inner-city kids with hearts of gold who are terrible at baseball, but have the times of their lives playing. Brandon proposes that their teams play a few practice games.


Over at practice, the rich mom brings some more fancy, inappropriate food.

 Dave Franklin stops by and says that if they ever need anything, to just ask. Is this a baseball team or the mafia? Harumph.


Steve then suggests trading the fat orange kid because he's dead weight saying they could trade Crawford for Kenny Kessler.


Back at Casa de Walsh, Brenda, Donna and Kelly try to teach an old dog new tricks like "come here."

 Wally is a trash dog and doesn't understand so instead just licks Donna's leg repeatedly.


Brenda is the only one who cares about Wally. Everyone else thinks that he's dumb and a nuisance. Brenda stresses that Wally is really sweet. Cindy says, "tell that to your father" and then holds up a ruined shoe.

 Brenda has a heart-to-heart with Wally and tells him that he has to change his stupid, trash dog ways otherwise he will have to go to the pound. She lets him sleep in her bed for a night.

 The next day is the big practice game between the rich kids and the hard-on-their-luck kids.

 Dave Franklin says he doesn't want the poor kids to use the rich sports equipment because he's a dick. Franklin's kid starts trash talking one of the poor kids calling him a dufus.

 Brandon doesn't like his tone or lack of sportsmanship so he tries to bench him.  Steve goes against Brandon fearing the rich dad saying this isn't the time/place to do this and to not humiliate the kid in front of his dad's client. Brandon is livid and leaves the game putting Steve in charge.


Brenda tell her mom that she's been trying to find Wally a new home and when she took him to the vet, they said that Animal Control kills the majority of animals brought there. Brenda can't live with that on her conscience so she asks to keep Wally a bit longer. Cindy obliges.

 After the outburst at the practice game, Brandon tells Jim how these kids are good for nothings who don't respect anyone or anything.

 Jim doesn't agree with how Brandon handled the lippy kid saying, "The Brandon Walsh I know, would've handled it and not made a scene." This pisses Brandon off to no end.

 Parents just don't understand. Brandon is just trying to do what's right and these rich kids are ruining his life.


While Nat's busy taking inventory, Brandon asks how the rest of the game went.

 Nat said that it got worse. Manny, a.k.a. the dufus, has had a really hard life. He's been in and out of foster homes. Steve didn't apologize, but instead cancelled the second practice game. 


Brandon has had enough of these rich kid politics and asks Nat if he happens to need a feisty 3rd base coach.

 Brandon and Jimbo still don't see eye to eye not only over little league baseball, but also on where the right spot to place your hands on your waist/hips is.


Everyone decides to have a second practice game anyway. Jim is feeling better and is ready to help coach, but what team will Brandon help coach? Steve thinks the second practice game is a good idea because "clobbering the nerdballs will be great for team morale."

 Dylan comes out of Brenda's room bitching about how Wally is so dumb. Brandon asks him if he wants to help coach. Dylan says he doesn't want to help the rich kids. But ah ha, it's not for the rich kids, but for Nat's team. Dylan is in it stick to the man (and maybe me - ah, dreams).


Brenda is still on the search for a good home for Wally. She tries to sucker David Silver into taking Wally saying that at least this way someone will like him, even if it is a trash dog.

 David says that he will take the trash dog if Brenda will get him a date with Kelly. She says no and that she will find him a better home.


Brandon, Dylan and Nat train the poor kids by feeding them mass amounts of food and talking shop at the Peach Pit.

 They remember that Ol' Twatty (Andrea) once mentioned that she knew a really good blue chip player from the Valley who wasn't rich enough for the rich kid team. This just might be what they need to win and put those rich kids in place.


Back home, Brenda has a sweet moment with Cindy seeing that Wally is slowly winning her over.

 They go to feed him, but see the gate is opened. Oh, no. Wally ran away!


Brandon is still upset with the rich kids team and how his dad supports them, but is torn because he loves his dad and still wants to support him. He decides to ride with his dad to the game and help coach with him one more time.


At the game, Nat shows off the new uniforms.

 The gang laughs and asks why there are two Ts. Well, that's because Nat is from Pittsburgh. Duh.


Play ball! The game starts and we find out that Avery, the blue chip player from the Valley is (gasp!) a girl! Steve's all like, "say what?"

 This girl powerhouse hits a home run right away giving these rich kids a run for their money that their parents will give them more of anyway.


Franklin's kid starts shit talking the dufus right away. Brandon coaches the team right into shape, telling them to change their attitudes because if you don't, "you won't be champs, you'll be chumps." You tell 'em, Brandon.


The guy who you can't trust in shades (oh no!) won't take losing as an option.

 His asshole  kid might be an asshole, but he's no loser. That's for sure.


The dufus goes up to bat and Brandon calls a time out. He brings the team in for a conference on the pitcher's mound telling the team that his prediction is that the dufus will strike out in 3 pitches. He goes on to say that the dufus has had a hard life and that they shouldn't make it harder on him.


The pitcher throws the first pitch and it's a Christmas miracle, the dufus hits it. But, unfortunately the fat orange kid is fat and orange and can't catch very well.

 The dufus wins the game for the poor kids and the fat orange kid loses it for the rich kids. The moral of this episode is to not be fat or orange because then you can't catch balls flying in the air.


Franklin says that "Bosworth's kid would've caught that ball."

 Don't masquerade with the guy who took off his shades. Oh, no!


Steve and Brandon comfort the fat orange kid telling him it was a hard ball to catch and that it was only a game.

 To tie the dog plotline to the baseball plotline, Wally comes running onto the field. Brenda is so excited to see him, but the trash dog runs right past her and into the fat orange kid's arms. The fat orange kid is so happy that Rupert, not Wally is alive. Now that he knows his dog isn't dead maybe he can catch some balls for Christ's sake because the takeaway from this episode is to not be fat or orange and in the unfortunate case that this is your fate, you best be able to catch some balls flying in the air.


This was totally a filler episode because they needed the calm before the Spring Fling storm. Yeah, that's right. The next episode is about the school dance and a main character's virginity. It's gonna be good. Buckle up.





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