Let's Get Ready to Whoa!

April 29, 2016


With Season 2 opening up, we are about to be introduced to a whole slew of new characters and bigger character developments with some of the background characters from Season 1. At the Whoa!, we're also bringing on a new character/writer for the Beverly Beat. This character is Chicago Comedian, Marty DeRosa. Marty can shake the ropes, take it to the top of the ropes, probably do some other stuff with ropes AND give you a "Rude Awakening" with wrestling talk, but who knew this guy also knew his way around everyone's favorite zip code.


After having way too long of a conversation about favorite characters and episodes, I thought it was best for everyone to bring Marty's view to the Whoa! Get to know Marty DeRosa a bit more with these probing questions.


1) When did you first watch Beverly Hills, 90210? Describe your relationship with the show (i.e. impactful episodes, favorite characters, etc.)


Marty: I watched it when it was new. I loved all the shows on Fox because they all seemed so much cooler than NBC, CBS & ABC. Shows like 9-0 & Married With Children seemed like they were punk rock compared to other boring network shows.


2) If you were given 2 tickets to Paradise (entry into the Peach Pit After Dark), what band would you want to see?


Marty: I'd love to see the Descendents with my date Emily Valentine. I'd also politely ask her not to drug me as I'm now in my late 30's and the hangovers can be brutal.


3) Dope, Twat or Megababe (as in kill, fuck and marry) - choose three characters total to best describe these adjectives



Dope-Dylan's dead Doritos girl bride

Twat-Keets (Brandon's reporter gf.)

Megababe-Emily Valentine


Marty also has some thoughts on Season 2, Episode 1. Here are a few of his takeaways:


-This features Tori Spelling pre-boob job.

-There's absolutely no subtlety.

-Not all characters were used to their full potential - there was not enough David, Steve was in the background, Kelly was only good for telling Brenda that she and her mom had been seeing a Gynecologist for years. The show relied too heavily on Brenda and Brandon at this point.

-The Beverly Hills Beach Club was run by Republicans.


 Marty will be providing his quick wit on more episodes to come. Hang tight! In the meantime, follow him on Twitter at @MartyDeRosa


You can also catch Marty at Comedians You Should Know and give his podcast, Wrestling With Depression a listen. It might help you not torch a homecoming float.

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