Happy Birthday, Luke Perry!

October 11, 2017

It's a Beverly Hills, 90210 holiday because today is Luke Perry's birthday! The man best known for playing rebel with a heart, Dylan McKay turns 51 years young. To celebrate, let's visit 10 of his best TV and movie appearances (in no order).


1. Dylan McKay - Beverly Hills, 90210

 When we first met Dylan McKay, he was standing up for dweebs in the computer lab at West Bev. From there, we learned that this man of mystery not only wore his overalls with one shoulder strap down, but that he was a character with layers. As Dylan, Luke Perry quickly stole girl's hearts all over the world because as we all know, no one can brood better than Dylan McKay


2. Pike - Buffy the Vampire Slayer

 Who doesn't love a guy who will help you kill vampires and then take you away on his motorcycle? Who cares if his character is named after a fish.


3. Luke Perry - The Simpsons

 Luke Perry voiced the character of himself on The Simpsons Season 4 episode, "Krusty Gets Kancelled." Although the role was himself, he was also Krusty the Clown's maternal half-brother on the show. This episode combines two of my favorite things: Luke Perry and the Red Hot Chili Peppers.


4. Fred Andrews - Riverdale

 Guess what? Luke Perry has still got it. Sure, he's now playing the dad role instead of the hot teen role, but I absolutely love that Luke Perry was cast on another teen drama. 


This excited:

 I feel that people snub Riverdale because they don't see how a show about Archie can be sinister or any good for that matter, but my god, do I love the teens and adults on this show. It's a perfect medley of actors I watched growing up mixed with really pretty teens all sponsored by CoverGirl. It's a good thing that Season 2 starts tonight.


5. Billy - Fifth Element

 Fifth Element is a fun movie overall, but how frickin' dreamy does Luke Perry look in this movie? There's a city called Bae and the population is Luke Perry.


6. Luke Perry with Fartman (Howard Stern) at the '92 MTV VMAs

 Ah, the 90s. Luke Perry is a really good hype man and gets a real grip on it. And I mean on it!


7. Todd - What I Like About You

 Aw! What a sweet reunion  of Kelly & Dylan via a teen sitcom! Whether or not you're a fan of Kelly & Dylan, you have to admit that Jennie Garth and Luke Perry have great onscreen chemistry. I loved seeing them together again on What I Like About You.


8. Reverend Jeremiah Cloutier - OZ

                                               Full frontal Luke. That's all that matters.


9. Lane Frost - 8 Seconds

               Ways to make my heart go a pitter-patter: cast Luke Perry as a bull rider. Yee haw!


10. Luke Perry - My heart

 The best role that Luke Perry played was the role in my heart. That guy! I will never stop talking about the time I stood in line at a convention to meet Luke Perry. Be still my heart!


Now that we've taken a trip down memory lane, make sure you pour one out for the man that truly changed my favorite show for the better. Beverly Hills, 90210 without Luke Perry is a show that I wouldn't want to see. And as my Aussie friend (you may know her as sarah_in_the_90210 on Instagram) says, "May the candles I burn, light the way!" Happy Birthday, Luke Perry!


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