Gettin' Shade-y with Sola Look

January 28, 2019

Have you heard the news? There's a new eyeshadow palette based on Beverly Hills, 90210. No, seriously. THERE IS A NEW EYESHADOW PALETTE BASED ON BEVERLY HILLS, 90210. A business called Heaven or you might find it under the real name, Sola Look made a beautiful eyeshadow palette dedicated to the gang in everyone's favorite zip code.


              BH9021Whoa Creator, LeeAnn Yops & the most beautiful palette in the world.


Friends, David and Yvette formed the company Sola Look in 2013 and set out to "put out mega cool makeup that people will love." Mission accomplished! Among the Beverly Hills, 90210 line, you can also create looks from Grease, Dirty Dancing and Flashdance. I wasn't kidding about that Heaven thing.


I asked David a few questions about what inspired the line and some of his favorite 9-0h moments.


LeeAnn: How did Sola Look come about and how did you get involved in the makeup business?


David: A few years ago my friend Yvette was making eyeshadow stacks and selling them to her friends. I asked her if she wanted help on the business end of things. Yvette had previously helped me with SoLatina, which was a supportive online community for single Latina mothers. She was a licensed cosmetologist, had worked at Sephora and absolutely loved makeup. So we combined both of our expertises and decided to create Sola Look. 


LeeAnn:  I love the movie and TV lines, can you tell me more about how you came up with the colors and what inspired you to create the lines? 


David: Our first product releases were lipsticks and two 4-pan eyeshadow palettes. At that point we said, “You know what? Everyone is doing pretty much the same thing when it comes to makeup. Let’s do something a little different and fun.” I remember seeing Sugarpill’s “Edward Scissorhands” palette and thought it was awesome. So we decided to make makeup palettes of some of our favorite movies and shows. It was as simple as that, lol.


                                                                         Front of palette



LeeAnn: The packaging has incredible details with the pictures, fonts, logos stamped in the palette, etc. Can you tell me more about why you chose what you did? For example, the Emily hearts Brandon shade has a black heart and the rest are red hearts. Why was this done?


David: When working with a licensor, they often give you a style guide that they encourage you to follow. Each licensor is different in terms of how much freedom they give you when creating the packaging and artwork. CBS was absolutely great to work with for Beverly Hills, 90210. They supported our vision and provided some incredible assets. We thought naming each eyeshadow as a couple from 90210 would be fun. We used a black heart for the Emily Loves Brandon shade because their relationship was a bit different. She had an almost fatal attraction for him and it was very scary. It was a darker type of love. Thus, the black heart. In terms of the 90210 logo, we thought because of its round shape that it would look great embossed onto the shadows.

                                                                       Back of palette

                                         Those beautiful shades imprinted with the logo


LeeAnn: Did you ever think when creating this line that Jason Priestley would post a picture with it on Instagram? I can only imagine the feeling you must have had when you first saw it. Have any other cast members reached out about the product?


David: We reached out to as many of of the actors and actresses from 90210 that we could. It was mostly done through Instagram but we were also helped by @the9021bro, who runs the most popular and largest Beverly Hills, 90210 page on Instagram. I had no idea that Jason Priestley had posted a picture of himself and the palette on his IG page until my sister texted me about it. I saw it and was just so honored that he posted the pic. He also chuckled about the names we gave the eyeshadows so that really made us smile! A big shout out to his wife Naomi for showing him the palette. Christine Elise McCarthy, who played Emily Valentine, was also super cool! We have sent out palettes to pretty much all the cast members we could contact. 


                                    Check out this sweet Donna drunk at prom sticker!


LeeAnn: With the palette, customers are lucky enough to receive a Donna Martin drunk at prom sticker and a card for a vote of Team Brenda or Team Kelly. What team are you on?


David: Team Brenda! 



**A poll was run on the BH9021Whoa Instagram page and Team Brenda won hands down, with Team Whoa in second. Oh, hey Luke Perry. Remember when our faces smashed? I do!

                                                              L&L at RewindCon


LeeAnn: What are your top 3 90210 moments?



1)Brenda breaking up with Dylan in his Porsche while REM’s “Losing My Religion” is playing in the background. 

2) the summer when Brenda went to Paris with Donna…..while Dylan and Kelly were back at the BH Beach Club getting way too close for comfort.

3)The double-date that Brenda and Kelly went on with two guys from Princeton…but not the Princeton they were thinking (Seth Green cameo!).


LeeAnn: What would you get on your MegaBurger?


David: Cheese and ketchup. No need for a lot of condiments :)


LeeAnn: What's in line for Sola Look? What can customers keep their eyes peeled for?

David: Buffy The Vampire Slayer eyeshadow palette (the show, not the movie)


I love talking shop with fellow 9-Oh fans, especially ones who make my face look pretty. You can order the palette directly on the Sola Look site.  Don't fret if you don't live in the U.S., you can order your palette here


I have started to create weekly "moods" based on the show. So far, I have created the mood, "U4EA" using the Emily Loves Brandon shade and the mood, "A Blazin'" using the Andrea Loves Brandon shade. For more moods, check out BH9021Whoa on Instagram and Twitter every Monday.

                                                                      Mood: U4EA

                                                                       Mood: A Blazin'


The Beverly Hills, 90210 palette is definitely bringing warmth to this midwestern girl. Thanks for sharing your 9-Oh fandom, Sola Look!


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